Dental Sleep Medicine in Torrance

Sleep apnea specialist in Torrance

Dental sleep medicine in Torrance

Dental sleep medicine in Torrance

Not very many people are aware of just how related your dental health and the quality of your sleep can really be. When you think of your dental health you probably think of your teeth and gums, but the overall structure of your mouth and the air pathways that are related to the mouth and nasal cavity can have a huge impact on how well you sleep every single night. Here with Dr. Paul Grin, DDS, MPH, APC you can get the comprehensive dental sleep medicine in Torrance that you need in the event that you have a condition that prevents you from sleeping well on a daily basis. With the help of various treatments, procedures, oral appliances or any combination of the things mentioned you can finally sleep soundly through the night.

Sleep disorders can be incredibly difficult to deal with and they can make daily life a challenge. People who suffer from sleep disorders tend to have restless nights full of unsatisfying sleep that is not entirely restful. You may experience frequent morning headaches, fatigue, grogginess, you may often wake up in the middle of the night and you may generally feel tired often. Many different problems can cause sleep issues, but when it comes to your dental health it is often related to how well, or not, you are breathing during sleep. This is often the result of sleep apnea, which is a condition that affects people whose air pathways do not open up fully while sleeping. People with sleep apnea may also snore loudly and have periods of time while they sleep where they are not breathing completely or fully. With dental sleep medicine in Torrance, Dr. Paul Grin, DDS, MPH, APC can help you overcome these issues and get a good night’s sleep.

Dental sleep medicine in Torrance may include a variety of different treatments, including oral appliances, CPAP machines, masks, or even surgery, but each person is different and may require or do better with a different treatment. No matter what, Dr. Paul Grin, DDS, MPH, APC is here to help people with sleep issues get the rest and relaxation that they need.

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