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TMJ Long Beach

TMJ Long Beach

If you are suffering from TMJ problems, there is definitely help. TMJ is a disorder when people clench their jaw due to tension; this motion can cause problems with dental work or even jaw alignment. If you wake up with frequent headaches or neck pain, or you wake up with sore and stiff muscles around your jaw, you may indeed have TMJ. Your jaw may even click or pop when you open your mouth. Problems with TMJ can be treated at our dental practice, Dr. Paul Grin, DDS, MPH, APC. If you need TMJ Long Beach care, come into our practice where our dentist practices dental sleep medicine.

Dental sleep medicine is a specialized area of dental care that focuses on the use of oral appliance therapy to treat problems such as snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Our dentist works together with a sleep physician to help identify the best treatment for each patient. Oral appliance therapy can be successfully used to treat patients with TMJ Long Beach problems or patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Oral appliances are a non-invasive and comfortable way for patients to be treated or these potentially serious disorders. When the patient is comfortable with the treatment they are much more likely to practice better treatment compliance. For example, the CPAC machine is very effective in treating problems with sleep apnea. However, many patients find this machine to be way too cumbersome to use, and as a result simply do not use it.

Oral appliance therapy for TMJ utilizes a small appliance that fits over the upper teeth. It is similar to an orthodontic retainer. It slightly moves the lower jaw forward, so the base of the tongue remains forward and the airway stays open. This helps the patient to have an open airway, and thus reduces snoring and sleep apnea. Each appliance is highly customized so that it can treat each patient’s individualized needs. Most patients find these appliances easy to use, and easy to clean. The appliances can also easily be transported from place to another and are very convenient if you travel a lot for business or pleasure. Our Dental Sleep Medicine Department follows stringent standards to provide the very best care for patients who have sleep-related problems or disorders such as TMJ or sleep apnea. When you wear a sleep appliance, you will have a better nights’ sleep, and enjoy overall improved health. For an appointment to meet with Dr. Grin for TMJ Long Beach treatment, contact us today.

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