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At our Torrance chronic nerve pain clinic, we deal with much more than dental issues. Chronic facial nerve pain, also known as trigeminal neuralgia, is associated with the largest nerve inside your skull, called the trigeminal nerve. This nerve is accountable for transmitting signals of sensation from your brain to the skin on your face. If there is any disruption in the function of this particular nerve it can cause sudden, excruciating pain in your facial area. Some patients have reported that actions as mild as putting on makeup has set off a sudden jolt of pain across their face. The majority of our patients who have experienced chronic nerve pain have been over 50, and women are more prone to the condition than men. The experts at our Torrance chronic nerve pain clinic have found that in most cases, unwanted pressure on the trigeminal nerve results in causing chronic facial nerve pain. The pressure may be exerted by a vein or artery and may cause your trigeminal nerve to malfunction which would transmit unwanted or uncontrollable pain signals from your brain across your face. General aging or diseases such as multiple sclerosis may also contribute to facial nerve pain.

Nerve Pain Management 90503

Nerve Pain Management 90503

The pain caused by chronic facial nerve pain differ from person to person and can be felt as a throbbing or burning sensation for some, or similar to an electric shock for others. Some of our patients have also described their pain as if something was piercing or stabbing their skin. The pain may last for a few seconds or up to two minutes, but as the condition gets worse, the pain can become constant and more frequent. The main distinguishing symptom of chronic nerve pain is that even the slightest touch or pressure on your facial area can trigger a burst of pain. Actions as simple as eating, brushing your teeth, talking, drinking, yawning, smiling, shaving, washing your face, and chewing, can trigger painful attacks facial nerve pain. At our Torrance chronic nerve pain clinic, we have seen cases so severe that even walking into a breeze turns into an excruciating experience.

The first line of treatment we recommend at our Torrance chronic nerve pain clinic is to administer medicines that numb or reduce the pain in your face. Other treatment options that can help manage the condition are nutritional therapy, vitamin therapy, electrical stimulation of your nerves, biofeedback, and acupuncture. Chronic nerve pain can severely interfere with your daily functioning so we do our educated best to offer you the appropriate treatment for your specific condition, so the majority of your facial pain is a thing of the past.

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