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How frequently do you notice you have a headache? Have you tracked the location of your headache pain and traced it back to your head, face or neck? Typically, headaches can be classified as one of four categories identified by the International Headache Society as: cluster, migraine, tension-type or those which occur in cranial nerves. Dr. Paul Grin, DDS, MPH, APC, provides diagnosis of your pain as well as Torrance headaches cure following an evaluation and treatment in our office. As part of your in-depth consultation, Dr. Grin will ask questions regarding your headache pain as well as your medical history and any other specific concerns you may have related to your headaches.

Among the four categories of headaches, tension-type are the most common and over 90% of adults have experienced this form. While the intensity of the pain may range, it is typically not the most severe and can be accompanied by a bit of tightness or pressure on the face, neck and parts of the head. This pain may be caused by dehydration or stress. Many of us are aware of migraines and the dreaded debilitating symptoms they are known to be accompanied by such as: severe pain, a heightened sensitivity to any light, nausea and vomiting. However, a lower percentage of the overall population actually experience this classification of headache. The rarest form is known as cluster headaches and these may only impact less than 1% of people with a higher occurrence in males in their late 20’s. Further details can be obtained regarding each of these headache categories as well as your Torrance headaches cure during your visit with Dr. Paul Grin, DDS, MPH, APC.

Contact our personable and knowledgeable team of professionals to schedule your convenient appointment at the office of Dr. Paul Grin, DDS, MPH, APC to begin the process to find your individualized Torrance headaches cure. Our staff can also provide you with answers to many of your new patient questions. We look forward to meeting with you in our office soon for your evaluation and helping you find relief from your headache pain.

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