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Sleep apnea is an uncomfortable disorder that affects thousands of Americans each year. If left untreated, sleep apnea can cause the body to be starved of oxygen and cause poor sleep, depression, high blood pressure and heart disease. At the offices of Dr. Paul Grin, DDS, our Torrance sleep apnea specialist can help treat this disorder to alleviate symptoms.

Sleep apnea can affect 4 to 9% of women and 2 to 4% of middle aged men. Many people who have it go undiagnosed and this can be a problem because the body can only take so much on too little sleep. The body needs sleep to function properly, making this a severe medical problem that should be treated by our Torrance sleep apnea specialist. What is sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by the body’s inability to sleep throughout the night without the breath stopping for at least 10 seconds at a time. The sleep apnea can happen all throughout the night, causing the patient to miss sleep and never feel fully rested. It can cause difficulty concentrating, difficulty with memory, headaches, snoring, and changes in mood or appetite. Many patients are not even aware that they’re gasping for breath in the middle of the night.

Sleep apnea is thought to be caused by an improper signal sent to the muscles, which can mean a nervous system problem. It can also be attributed to an obstruction of the airway, also known as obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. Most commonly the airways and the muscles that control the air flow have a physical problem that causes sleep apnea. Our Torrance sleep apnea specialist can help alleviate symptoms with different methods. One of them is using a sleep appliance that fits like a mouth guard or retainer. It helps to support the jaw in a forward position to maintain an open upper airway. It is an effective treatment for snoring, which also can come from sleep apnea and obstructive airway issues. Call our offices today to come in for an appointment and be seen immediately to get started on proper treatment to alleviate your suffering from sleep apnea.

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