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If you are experiencing a clicking or popping sound in your jaw, you are probably concerned about. Could it be something important that should be addressed immediately? Could it be an indication of TMJ Disorder? Well, Dr. Paul Grin, our Torrance TMJ disorder expert, can help you to sort out what is a red flag and what is a minor inconvenience.

Jaw Clicking Torrance

Jaw Clicking Torrance

TMJ, with stands for temporomandibular joint, is a hinge that connects your lower jaw to the temporal bone in your skull. It’s smooth operation allows for you to move your jaw up and down and side to side. You need this for talking, eating, and even for yawning. When it malfunctions, it is important to seek treatment from our Torrance TMJ disorder expert. So what does a popping or clicking jaw mean in relation to TMJ? The good news is that although these sounds may be annoying, they do not necessarily have a direct link to TMJ Disorder or for any serious health problem for that matter. But there is an important thing to be aware of and that is pain. If your jaw is clicking or popping and you have no pain as a result, you most likely do not require treatment nor are you experiencing TMJ Disorder. However, if your clicking or popping is accompanied by pain or discomfort, then you should call us and schedule an examination to get to the root of the problem.

It is not uncommon to associate any jaw problem with the possibility of TMJ Disorder, but most of the time they are not an indication of it. Because TMJ Disorder can be caused by an injury or an accident does not mean that this is always the case. Symptoms that should alert you include pain in or around your ear, general facial pain, tenderness of the jaw, and pain while chewing. If you detect any of the above signs, you should be seen by our Torrance TMJ disorder expert to make a diagnosis. If you have popping or clicking noise in your jaw along with any of the above symptoms, definitely make an appointment. Otherwise, popping or clicking jaws are usually not anything that needs treatment.

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