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Choosing the Right TMJ Specialist in Los Angeles

When people experience pain and need help, naturally, they want to find a doctor who has already gained a reputation of a caring and qualified specialist. A search for an effective TMJ treatment may frustrate some patients’ expectations because, first of all, there are not many specialists in this area, and, second, how a patient may know that his or her search selected a good specialist, even if the doctor’s name pops up under number one. Of course, a patient may be referred to TMJ doctor by a family practitioner, through an Emergency Room of a hospital or by a neighbor who had found himself earlier in the same painful situation. Some general care practitioners and hospital doctors try to treat the condition and provide an immediate relief. However, most doctors might admit that they don’t have the required training to diagnose and treat TMJ effectively due to the chronic nature of the syndrome.

The best criteria of selection of a doctor online are his qualification and involvement in both research work and clinical practice. Enter TMJ patients’ testimonials and see what people write about Dr. Grin’s treatment and their results. It is not accidental that most Dr. Grin’s patients live at a long distance from his office. Yet his patients prefer to spend more time on a trip for a simple reason: after seeing a number of doctors, undergoing a number of procedures and taking different medications in the past unsuccessfully, they now have a specialist whom they trust because the results of his treatment alleviated their condition for the first time, after a long period of sufferings.

Dr. Grin deservedly enjoys a high reputation as a medical authority not only among patients but also among his colleagues. He is a board certified specialist, fellow of the Academy of Orofacial Pain and Headache Society. In his practice, he utilizes advanced diagnostic equipment and the most advanced treatment techniques. He is also an Assistant Professor in UCLA Orofacial Clinic and, as such, is involved in research work related to TMJ. He has provided relief for many patients even after they had been told by other doctors that there was no effective treatment for their condition. Due to his combination of research and practical work, as well as more than 30 years in treating patients, he is one of the most experienced specialists who develops new methods and educates or advises other doctors on this condition.

Even if other methods to eliminate your pain have failed, he is likely to be the expert who will make a difference. Dr. Paul Grin is one of the top leaders in TMJ treatment. Just one treatment session could bring a significant relief. The telephone number of his office for appointments is 310.933.3077; email address