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Selected Testimonials

5 stars
"Dr. Grin was excited at the challenge to fix issue; you could really tell his passion for what he does. "
- Jenny
5 stars
"I've had a TMJ grinding jaw locking issue for many years. I've never had such amazing care and thorough evaluation in all my medical history. Dr Grin is a caring doctor who really cares for his patients. I would recommend him to any of my friends"
- James
5 stars
"I have been seeing Dr. Grin for many years now and have been very happy with the service that I've received all these years from him and the rest of the staff!"
- Tammy
5 stars
"I have known Dr. Grin through the OFP program at UCLA. He has an exceptional knowledge of our field and is an excellent clinician."
- Joseph R Cohen, DDS, FACD AAOP Past President
5 stars
"Dr. Grin has shown himself to be a very skilled clinician who has an excellent understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of orofacial pain disorders."
- Robert L. Merrill, FAHS Clinical Professor, Director of UCLA Graduate Orofacial Pain Program
5 stars
"Dr. Grin has shown himself to be a very skilled clinician. Dr. Grin is a great asset to American Academy of Orofacial Pain."
- Edward Fort DDS Fellow of the Academy

What Our Actual Patients Say