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Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain PatientsNeuropathic pain disorders are a complex condition, which occurs as a direct result from a system of complex problems caused by either a hereditary disorder or an injury to the nervous system. This system exists inside the human as two major interworking divisions: the brain and the spinal column which make up the central nervous system, and nerves which move throughout your body known as the peripheral nervous system. The two nervous systems work together in the same manner of a central power station. Just as the power lines that bring electricity to every home in your neighborhood, so too does the brain, sending signals to each part of your body which allow it to function.

The nerves in your body are the ones that feel pain, and the sensation of it sends a message to your brain to process in order to direct you as to how to remedy the damage. If an injury or a deformity occurs to either the central or the peripheral system of nerves, these pain signals can be sent to the central nervous system, regardless of whether or not your body has suffered an injury. This problem causes your body to suffer from the chronic condition known as neuropathic pain. This condition can occur momentarily or constantly. Momentary or episodic neuropathic pain attacks are often felt by patients who suffer from them as a feeling of being shocked, a form of electric pulse in the jolts of the body. Continuous attacks of neuropathic pain can cause symptoms ranging from coldness and sensitivity to aching and burning that affect patients for prolonged amounts of time.

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