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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Pain-free livingTrigeminal neuralgia is known as a neuropathic pain disorder that affects the 5th cranial nerve, called the trigeminal, the nerve which is responsible for sensations felt in or around the facial region. This condition occurs only episodically. Though most episodes of trigeminal neuralgia only last several seconds at a time, some episodes have been reported to last up to two minutes, and can reoccur many times throughout the course of a single day.

Episodic attacks of trigeminal neuralgia can be triggered through contact with any part of the face, mouth, jaw, and head via pressure from your blood vessels with the nerves that are injured or otherwise improperly functioning in your body. Trigeminal neuralgia can become worse over time, with attacks getting longer in duration, occurring more often, and the site of pain spreading to more parts of the head, face, and other regions over time. Patients who experience any form or neuropathic pain should contact their local neurologist as soon as possible to halt the spread of nervous pain.

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