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Prolotherapy: Another Approach to TMJ Pain Treatment

Gentle CarePatients with chronic TMJ pain should know that there is a conservative method of treatment to relieve their suffering. Medical statistics show that most patients in US, and the South Bay is no exception, diagnosed with chronic Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) assume that a surgical intervention is the only option to relieve their symptoms. Moreover, a significant number of physicians still consider TMD to be curable only through surgery. Yet surgery on the TMJ should never be performed without considering its serious consequences. No joint that is surgically compromised can be expected to function properly again. Scarring and restricted jaw movement are common complications after a surgical intervention. In addition, a high incidence of postsurgical adhesion, lock jaw and damage to the facial nerve is observed in patients. The existing alternative method known as prolotherapy offers a healthier solution to this painful problem.

A Healthy and Homeopathic Technique for Treating TMJ Syndrome

Prolotherapy is regenerative injection therapy. It uses injections of curative solutions into specific joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons to promote the growth of connective tissues and relieve pain. This homeopathic treatment helps the TMJ to heal naturally and recover its range motion, opening and closing of the jaw through localizing an inflammation and allowing fibrous healing under the influence of curative solutions. It has become an effective treatment option for patients dealing with chronic pain such as a TMJ dysfunction.

A Natural Alternative vs. Traditionally Ineffective Treatment Options

Traditional treatment options like TMJ surgery, TMJ implants or disk recapture are all temporary solutions that are associated with many risks and a high cost. In fact, none of such approaches actually repair the weak TMJ ligaments. That is why patients continue to experience a chronic pain.

Six months ago, Aaron B. turned to our clinic for help. He had a surgery on his TMJ but could not get rid of the pain in his jaw. He still had painful popping and clicking noises. As an educated person, he decided that there should be another method. That was how he began his research of alternative treatment and eventually found himself in our office. After a course of prolotherapy of six sessions, according to his words, “he now lives an almost pain-free life.” It is not surprising because prolotherapy is a sparing method which never causes any harm. All it takes is four to six sessions to relieve pain and reduce the number of jaw locks. Of course, the number of session may be different, depending on age, gender, severity of the injury/disease and the overall health condition of a patient. An interval between treatment sessions varies from 3 to 5 weeks. This provides enough time for the body to heal. Nature programs bodies to regenerate under favorable circumstances.  The body does regenerative work by itself, but the treatment creates the necessary conditions for such a process.

Study Shows a Decrease in Jaw Dislocations and Other TMJ Improvements

A new study shows that prolotherapy injections prevent recurrent TMJ problems and dramatically mitigate TMJ symptoms. In our clinic, in two out of three patients, the number of times their jaws dislocate and click has significantly decreased right after the first treatment session. Here are some other indisputable advantages of prolotherapy over the surgical invasion in TMJ pain treatment.

  • 91% of patients have not had jaw dislocations within six months after the treatment
  • 63% of the patients needed three injections; 27% needed two injections; 10% needed one injection

All participants in the study tolerated injections without any complications, which only proves that prolotherapy is a simple and safe treatment for TMJ pain.

In addition to a considerably lower number of incidents of jaw popping and clicking, patients in the study also reported:

  • better motion range
  • reduced use of pain medications
  • better mood
  • improved quality of life

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Prolotherapy Helps a Triple Jumper to Recover and Qualify for Olympics

Although the triple jumper Andrea Geubelle notes that her muscles around her right kneecap haven’t fully recovered the power they had had before she tore her patellar tendon five years ago, her remarkable recovery due to prolotherapy has propelled her to participate in this year’s Summer Olympics. A. Geubelle is just one remarkable example among many other patients who chose prolotherapy over surgery and concluded that they made the right decision.

Prolotherapy for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction in South Bay

In our TMJ, Sleep and Orofacial Pain Institute, prolotherapy plays an important role in many treatment plans. Treatment modalities that we use are non-invasive, non-surgical and reversible.

Moreover, there are patients who are intolerant to medications due to their side and follow-up effects on multiple body systems. Prolotherapy is an effective and absolutely harmless alternative. An extensive research work has been done to support the use of prolotherapy for multiple musculoskeletal conditions. The rate of success depends on multiple factors, such as patient’s overall condition, their ability to heal, age, and nutritional intake. After an analysis of numerous medical cases and various combinations of options, we developed an effective treatment plan based on methods of alternative, conservative and holistic medicine. The method allows our patient to heal in a natural manner, without any complications, and with results superior to those of surgical treatment.

Consultations in Our Institute in Torrance, California

If you’re dealing with signs and symptoms of TMJ refractory to traditional TMD treatment and aren’t sure what your next step on your road to recovery should be, consider what prolotherapy may do for you before you agree to a surgical invasion. There are multiple options to get the help and treatment you deserve. Prolotherapy is affordable treatment option that can eliminate your chronic pain and transform your body without inflicting irreversible damage. If you have questions about this treatment course, please call us at (310) 933-3077 for more information.