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Sleep Deprivation and Job Performance

Job Performance

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at our desk, tired and exhausted, dreaming of napping. You need yet another cup of coffee that doesn’t seem to help. You wish you could crawl under your desk and go to sleep.

Tired and exhausted employees are a liability to their companies. Each year, they account for billions of dollars in lost efficiency and productivity.

Employees that are sleep deprived and fatigued have a lower rate of job satisfaction. If you are happy and dedicated to your job, you are less prone to quit or leave. Research shows that a disturbing percentage of individuals displeased with their jobs leave their company. When employees are fatigued, they are more likely to be ascent from work. Sleep deprived people can make mistakes, be short with their co-workers and colleagues, not pay attention to details and lack the desire to be at work.

Fatigue and exhaustion can also lead to serious errors, especially if your job requires you to operate machinery, tools or electric gear. Even a small miscalculation or a delayed response can lead to detrimental outcomes.

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