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If you’re like most people, you’ve laughed when a colleague walked into the office with bags under his eyes because his wife’s snoring kept her awake all night. Perhaps you would laugh at a movie portraying a kid at camp snoring so loudly that his bunk mates move his bedding outdoors the next day. There are many jokes made about sleep-related disorders each day, but the consequences of excessive snoring are anything but a laughing matter. If you or someone you love can’t stop snoring, you may already know that there are real dangers involved.

Tanya and Steven: An Actual Patient’s Story

Many people downplay the seriousness of snoring until they begin to feel its side effects. One of Dr. Paul Grin’s patients, a kindergarten teacher Tanya married Steven who was a loud snorer. At first, Tanya teased him about his problem, but soon she began to realize that her life was being affected by her inability to have a restful night sleep. She found herself fidgeting night after night while Steven continued to snore by her side. Within a few weeks, she became too tired to keep up with little children at work. She was falling asleep in the daytime, and once hit a front car at an intersection. Frustration and anger came as a natural result of her helplessness. She decided to seek professional advice for Steven and herself. Their family physician referred them to a pulmonologist/sleep specialist. The doctor offered an invasive surgery. However, Steven ruled it out. Then the doctor prescribed a CPAP mask (continuous positive air pressure). Tanya did not know that 85% of people are CPAP intolerant. Therefore, the mask was not a solution to Steven’s problem. Tanya’s colleague, who was Dr. Grin’s patient, suggested seeing him in his clinic, in Torrance, for a consultation.

Dr. Grin’s approach was not traditional, and Steven was skeptical in the beginning. The doctor explained to him that he would treat not just the symptom but the cause of Steven’s condition, and for that all factors needed to be taken into consideration. The first test showed that Steven had sleep apnea. After that, Steven’s diet, physical activities and sleep hygiene were changed to get best results. A custom-made oral appliance was chosen as an alternative for a CPAP mask. Steven stopped snoring. His overall condition improved significantly. Tanya returned to her normal life style, their marriage was saved, and Steven’s skepticism was gone.

Steven’s example is quite typical among middle-aged men and women. Unfortunately, their attitude towards their problem is also typical, and many of the snorers continue to live on the edge, without realizing it. Snoring is not an innocent condition. In many cases, it is a symptom of a serious disorder. The sooner the snorers address the issue, the sooner the quality of their life will improve, and their life will no longer be at risk.

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