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Sleep Disorders and Weight Gain

Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Forget all the fad diets and diet pills. Getting enough sleep and rest can be the key to successful weight loss.

Studies indicate that those who get regular, good nights sleep tend to weigh less than those who have trouble sleeping. It is known that individuals who lack quality sleep have irregular quantities of a hormone that plays a role in controlling hunger. This irregularity in turn, increases your appetite and your penchant for high calorie foods.

Sleep deprivation affects your mood, appetite and hormones. If you’re tired, you’re more likely to crave comfort food and give in to that craving. Forget the celery, pass the chips and ice cream. If you’re tired, it may also induce emotional eating. Why? When you’re tired, you’re less tolerant to stress and stress leads to eating. Also, some people will use food as a way to stay up. This does more damage than good, since your body is yearning for sleep, not food. However, since you’re in a vulnerable state, you neglect to recognize this.

To summarize, lack of sleep increases your appetite and encourages weight gain. If you’ve ever found yourself late at night hunting through your fridge, then you know that this is true.

Sleep Deprived and Gaining Weight?

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